WordPress Plugin: Keyword to URL


September 08, 2014: updated to version 1.3

August 25, 2014: updated to version 1.2

April 10, 2013: updated to version 1.1

February 23, 2012: initial release version 1.0

The plugin allows administrators to build and save a table of keywords and URLs. Once saved any post (or page) that has the keyword will now show that word (or phrase) as a link.

You can import and export a text file that is a comma-separated list of keyword-URL pairs.

You can choose to link every occurrence of the keyword in a post or just the first occurrence.

The plugin also recognizes email addresses as links.

Anytime a keyword is already linked in a post it will be left unaffected by the plugin (that is, you can override the plugin's links by just adding your own anytime).

You can signal a post to not use the plugin's linking by adding a comment anywhere in the post:
<!-- no keywords -->


If you have both a keyword and a keyword phrase that uses that keyword, the longer of the two will be given priority.

Example: you have keywords for world and world record.
Your content is: We saw another world record heat wave today. This was not a great surprise to the world at large as many people around the world have reported warmer than usual temperatures this week.

The plugin will link all occurrences of the full phrase world record first. It will then link any singular occurrences of world. Therefore, the above content would contain a total of three links, one for the occurrence of world record in the first sentence and one for each occurrence of world in the second sentence.

Using a special comment to tell the plugin not to act on this post

If you add the comment <!-- no keywords --> anywhere in your post the plugin will not act on this post. It may be better to add the comment at the end of the post because if add it at the top WordPress may add a linefeed to you post so you will see a space

Adding your own links in a post or page overrides the plugin

The plugin only adds links to keywords that are not already linked.

Example: you have a keyword for contact us.
Your content is: Please contact us for more info. You can also <a href="#">contact us by phone</a>. The plugin will only link the first contact us as the second one is already linked in the post.

Dealing with keywords that have special or dis-allowed characters

The plugin does not allow keywords with single or double quotes or with ampersands. If you have words in your posts or pages that conatin these characters and need links you can just manually add them yourself. You can always manually add a link anwhere on your site. The plugin will not affect your existing links (see notes above).


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Download from
You can also get the plugin from your WordPress admin panel by just going to Plugins | Add New | Search Plugins (search for Keyword to URL).